NYC ALS Field Guide – Mobile Edition

NYC Regional Field Guide Mobile – With Current Guidelines!!!

Based on guidelines utilized within the five boroughs of NYC. This pocket reference allows field paramedics quick access to dosages and treatment standards used within NYC. Now a web based application for Android and Iphone, Ipad devices it also includes quick drug calculations, reference charts and more.

* This has been updated 09/01/2017.  Please leave a comment in Android Marketplace *


Download the FREE iOS App for IPhones and IPads. The mobile version of the Field Guide for your Apple device. Click here using your Safari Browser and follow the pop up instructions on the screen to add it to your web based apps.









Download the FREE Android App. The mobile version of the Field Guide for your Android. Click here.






* This reference field guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of the actual NYC ALS REMAC protocols. It is suggested as a UNOFFICIAL field resource only and is not a direct representation or complete compilation of the actual NYC FDNY protocols.   Some sections have been removed for portability such as selected Appendices or General ops. However, all primary guidelines are included.

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